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The fact of the matter is, the prevalence of pollution, plastic, extreme weather and the incredibly ineffective waste management in this day of age is only reaffirming that our global environment is damaged and suffering. There is no sense in debate when the evidence is right in front of our face! We the people must magnify our own personal lenses by focusing on the overall bigger picture, putting the need for change at the forefront of action. It is time to better acknowledge and become more responsive towards the facts and truth behind the climate crisis. It is time all people, countries and businesses start operating on a more eco-friendly basis. It is time to B - THE REASON - Y we all strive to revive our air, oceans, land, and water by being better people and thinking beyond just ourselves and our day to day routines. We are all humans living on this planet, so we must at least attempt to do better together for the sake of our current and future livelihood! As an artist who tries to go beyond himself, Maxta Chief is committed to representing this brand through his music.

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